Notebooks as a Management (and Sanity) Tool

Earlier this school year, I upgraded my two-year old Pantech Breakout to a fancy new Samsung Galaxy S5 (to be honest, I have a little bit of buyer’s remorse over that.  It seems like an awfully fancy phone for a teacher who’s a single mom). The new phone supports more apps and has more memory than my old phone. I went a little crazy signing up for Pinterest (I don’t grock it), Instagram (much more fun than Facebook), and Twitter.  My Twitter subscriptions include several teachers, education bloggers, and education websites.  Today there was a tweet from Edutopia that linked to a year-old entry about notebooks as a management tool.  This is an idea that I’m going to try.  This makes such sense to me.  In my inquiry class for my masters, I got in the habit of jotting notes about what was working and what was not, and I found that this helped trigger brainstorms of new things to try.  I like the idea of using it for management problems as well.  The author runs Cult of Pedagogy which I’m now following on Twitter as well.