Some Up, Some Down…

Today I did Everybody is a Genius’s Points Lines Planes Describe-and-Draw Activity in Geometry.  It was really awesome and fun.  I started with just a little vocabulary review which was direct instruction.  I know I could have done that in a more interactive way, but frankly I nearly ran out of time anyway and that would have completely skewed things.  Instead of having the students draw on index cards I made up a sheet with spaces for each drawing.   I started out with three minutes for each drawing but then shortened that to two minutes.  Even so, we didn’t finish in second and third period.  The students really seemed to enjoy it.

I was less successful in Algebra.  I used an activity from our Summer Institute involving modeling integer addition and subtraction in different ways.  The activity was good, but my teaching was not.  I basically just had the students do it but I didn’t have insightful or probing questions, and I didn’t have a whole lot of interactivity with it.  So, overall a dud class and something I really need to address in my teaching.  I am also realizing that the class just gets way to stale if I stay on one topic for the whole two hours of the double-block.  I might have to jump ahead a unit and basically teach the class as two different tracks.

It didn’t help that by fifth period I felt like I was walking on ground glass.  I really wanted to sit down but that is just not the way I teach.  I finally did perch on a stool in sixth period once the drawing activity was up and running, but even then I found myself getting up too much. This is why I have foot problems.  I’m always pacing around the classroom like a caged tiger.


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