And away we go!  First week back at school.  I know, my district starts comparatively late, on the traditional day after Labor Day.  (Fun aside:  I just found out the reason why so many districts now start in August.  Standardized Testing.  The tests are in mid-May, so many districts figured, why teach after that? So starting in August gave them additional time before the tests.  Then their school year is done as soon as the tests are finished.)

This week, I tried the “First Day Graffiti” project. Only I did it on the second day of school.  Because I’m a rebel like that.

My topics were:

It makes it EASIER to learn in a class when…

It makes it HARDER to learn in a class when…

I am most likely to participate in classes when…

Other students help me learn when they…

I learn best when the teacher does…

Here are my results (click on the picture for a larger view):

2014-09-03 15.44.50 2014-09-03 15.45.05 2014-09-03 15.45.16 2014-09-03 15.45.25 2014-09-03 15.45.34 2014-09-03 15.45.56

In a nutshell, students want:

A quiet classroom

Instruction at a slower pace

Group projects

Teachers with a positive attitude and mood

Help from their friends

Clear, step-by-step instruction with lots of examples

I’ve posted these in my classroom as a reminder when I plan my lessons. These students really care about their education, and they know what they need.  I need to listen.


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