Intro to STEM

What is STEM

Man, oh man was this a great class! We worked through several different integrated project based lessons to model what STEM learning is all about. One of the main things is to mix up activities – don’t do the same thing every day! When pacing, keep in mind that these activities were done with college graduates over a week of all-day school.

We were armed to the teeth.

Stem Materials

We started with an ice breaker: Pipe Cleaner Towers. Using 15 pipe cleaners, each pair had to build the tallest, free standing tower in ten minutes. After a few minutes, we had to put one arm behind us. After another few minutes, we were told we could no longer talk. We had a few more minutes to finish. I loved this activity so much I think I’m going to do it on the first day of school this year.  Here’s my team’s tower (the winning tower, by the way):

Pipe Cleaner Tower

I’ll go into more depth on each of the projects in my next few posts.

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