Another Linkstorm Post

I know I just did a favorite websites post, but I got a couple good resources in my Multiple Pathways class I wanted to pass them along.

The first is courtesy of Kim Bell, an English teacher at East Union High School in Manteca. Kim was a tech writer before she became a teacher. A former TCSJ student herself, her master’s project was creating a website that would be a resource to find the plethora of free or low cost online tools for teachers: 

The second came out of one of our class assignments. I had to research a topic of personal interest and picked project-based learning in math. I found an article by Janet Pinto on the TeachThought website: What Project-Based Learning Looks Like In Math. These are six sample Project-Based lessons based on the six Common Core High School Geometry topics. I was very excited to find this resource and plan to utilize these in my Geometry classes next school year.

I really enjoyed my Multiple Pathways class. I know our school working to incorporate this idea, and I imagine that we would follow the model of setting up several pathways for students to follow during their time in high school that would incorporate internships at local businesses. The idea is to give students real-world experience and job skills as well as integrating their education to give it meaning and relevance. I hope it succeeds.

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