Survey Says…

I began my algebra remediation classes today.  I’ve taught this in the past, and truth be told, I really like it.  The classes are very small so I can give each student the individualized, personalized attention they need.  The first year I was responsible for remediation I tried to teach it like a regular class with units and quizzes.  But I’ve since realized that the small class size means that I can customize what I do for each student.

This year, I decided to start with a survey.  I based mine on Mathy McMatherson’s.  I got some interesting results.

Question 1:  What makes math hard?

I don’t like negative numbers at all, they confuse me a lot.

Math is hard to me because it has a lot of stuff to learn and it’s too much thinking.

It’s not math that I don’t like it’s the way some teachers teach it.  Some go too fast or some go too slow or some rely on the book too much.

I find it challenging because I don’t comprehend math fast.  Like I need it taught step by step.

Something that makes math class hard is the way they teach it, because sometimes they go too fast and teach the same thing like 5 different ways and that’s where it gets confusing.

Question 2:  Do you think intelligence is fixed or can change with effort?

I think it’s just something determined because they listen and get it maybe they love math or something.

I believe that it’s in the middle because if math is all you do maybe it will click; maybe you’d go from F to B or an A.  But then the more I think about it some people are just good with numbers and some aren’t.

I honestly think that everyone is smart. Some people just don’t want to try.  There are a lot of people that can put the effort out there and try.  Me, I just don’t do anything.

Question 3: What do you want from this class?

I want to get better at math by learning better study habits.  Maybe less worksheets and more notes.

I want more activities.  I want to pass with a B at least.  I want to understand what is being taught.

To stay focused on what I am doing and take everything more seriously.

Try my best to all my work that they give me.

I would like for everyone to feel comfortable around everybody in the class.  We could also do like group work and have people introduce themselves to everybody.

They are very self aware and know their own strengths and weaknesses.  They know what they have to do, but they don’t know how to do it.  They also realized they were lost in previous classes, but were powerless to change it (for example, they know they couldn’t slow the class down).

We’ve been doing goal-setting in our Small Learning Community and while I had my Geometry class set goals for the semester today, I wanted to hold off with this group.  These survey results give me a great jumping-off point.

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