I created a new activity for my Geometry students to help them review transformations I’m calling the Transformation Go Round.  I was inspired by Irina Kimyagarov’s lesson, but I adapted it to my classroom’s level, which was a little more basic.

I made six stations labeled A-F.  For each station, I glued a blank graph and the station instructions to a sheet of 12×18 construction paper.  I placed these around the room.

The students divided into six groups. They move around the room, going from station to station.  At the station, they draw the figure on the graph paper (with specific color highlighter, to make it clearer what drawing went with what step), and then list the final coordinates on their sheet.

The first step is to graph the given coordinates and connect the dots to make a polygon. Then they do a rotation, reflection, translation, another rotation, and finally, another translation. Since their starting point is the previous group’s result, they need to check the previous group’s work before they start on each station.

One thing I would have changed is the grouping.  I let the students make their own groups, in order to get more buy-in from them.  But it meant some self-grouped with other low performers and were a bit lost.  Irina Kimyagarov stated that she did heterogeneous grouping and I think that was the key point I missed.  Another thing is that the activity took a bit longer than I had originally predicted, because the students needed to review (using their notebooks!!) the core concepts.

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