First Day Recap

I started the day a bit negative but I had to remind myself to turn it around.  Besides, I HATE hearing myself be negative.  Ever have that sensation that as the words are coming out of your mouth you just want to grab them and shove them back in?  Yeah, that’s the way I feel when I hear myself talking negatively.  I cringe.  BUT luckily, thanks to two of my math teacher peeps, my issues were resolved before my first class.  I even had time to label my desks.

And while I am really glad that I got on the list for book checkout today, it DID mean that I had to walk three-quarters of the way across campus and back five times today on my still healing foot.  So now I’m home and my feet ache, but on the plus side (positivity!) I actually think all of this walking and being on my feet is going to help my foot heal faster.  And truth be told, my feet ALWAYS hurt the first couple of weeks of school anyway, until I get used to six-hour-plus days on my feet.  Part of the issue was that my fifth and sixth period needed more management, which meant more walking around, just at the time when I felt like I was walking on a bloody stump.  The contrast bath the doctor prescribed (alternating hot & cold foot baths) was delightful, though.  I may have to do that again before bed.

Overall good, but I was definitely more lecture-y today than I would have liked to be.  I know, first day and all, but I want to be aware of it.  I have a few students who are disengaged or are acting out so I’ll have to craft a strategy for dealing with that, and a returning student (repeating Geometry) who I’m not sure what I’m going to do with.  He is on an IEP and always wants to just leave class to go to his resource teacher, but if my lessons are structured around more discovery and group discussions, he misses too much instruction to do that.  He’s not happy about it and consequently is acting out already.  I plan to talk with his resource teacher and my lead about it.

I also didn’t have quite enough stuff for Algebra 1.  I need to do more with them and have more stuff “up my sleeve.”  I did figure out a good way to do the graphic organizer for vocabulary.  Rather than have them do one for each word, I had them to the pre-assessment and then pick the two words they scored the lowest on and do those.  Sixth period is super noisy and off-task, but that is nothing new for a sixth period.  I’ll have to keep things hopping in there.

So, I feel good about today, but ill-prepared for tomorrow, and so tired I know I can’t do anything more tonight, except maybe set up my seating chart and record some of the stuff I had them do today.

Oh, also, the student who was supposed to TA for me this year can’t now.  Blergh on that!

To finish on a positive note:  I love my new timer!  Best $1 I ever spent.  It kept me on track so “two more minutes” really WAS two more minutes.  And it beeped to remind me to move on.  Excellent.

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